Sunday, June 2, 2013

The big finish

Final day of 87miles but some serious climbing. Knees were straining but the team was working together well, averaging an even 20mph for some of the longer flat stretches. 

A minor route failure had us riding across a field and nearly fording steams at one point, so once again 'Sorry Boys' (from Richard).

The run into the finish saw a great welcome with lots of supporters present, so thank you to everyone all for supporting and following us on our journey.

All the biglads.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 2 all done and dusted.

110 miles blasted out today from Spanby to Haxby (just outside York). Really nice and flat route with some lovely off road 'bone shaking' bobbly farm tracks! Only one puncture today (me, Lange) and the only other major thing to report is that I am the fastest man on two wheels over a mile! Relaxing now in our "family" room! We are one bloody tall, bloody ugly family! Last day tomorrow until we roll into Newcastle! Nighty night fans!!!

Day 2, Part 2

After a quick stop in Lincoln we were away, up the steepest hill of the trip (ouch!). It was this point we were met by David and Gill which was a great morale boost.

Roads from here on were typically quiet, flat, smooth and fast... Apart from one minor detour along a dirt farm track (oops). Speeds were high, legs feeling good and everyone was working together, a really great days riding. 

Spirits, team morale and blood sugar levels all raised!

The "Big Lads" received a very welcome visit from today's official support crew, David and Gill. Nutritional and emotional support was dished out in copious amounts and after cuddles all round, loads of energy supplies and the offer of some ice cubes for my gentlemen area the "Big Lads" were on their way again! Massive thanks to David and Gill for giving us a right good boost! Please see below for a picture of an evil looking jelly baby!

Quote of the day so far!

"So do all of you guys bat for the other team?"  Take a look at the picture and decide for yourself!